About me

I’m a Melbourne (Australia) based User Experience (UX) Designer with over 15 years experience.

My passion is in creating great user experiences that deliver business and user value. I believe in collaborative approaches to design and that the more a project team is involved in the process, the more engagement and better results you get. I also believe in a user-centered design where user needs and motivations are researched and design directions are evaluated. Observing and understanding human behavior is fundamental to designing anything.

Common sense, an observing eye, a listening ear, pen, paper and an open mind are part of my toolbox.

I ramble on this blog about user experience design – as a means to collaborate, improve my communication skills and to force me to think more about why things interest or frustrate me.


I like diversity, cycling, food, spending time with my boys, football and reading the paper.

I have been lucky enough to travel to many parts of the world. The diversity of people and cultures that I have come in contact with has enriched my life in many ways I never before knew possible.

Things are never black and white. The world is a rich landscape of colour.